Our Story

Our root beer recipe starts over 200 years ago; when our ancestors emigrated from Europe. Back in those days, the early settlers of America had to make do on minimal provisions. Living off the land was the only way to survive.
It’s said that many different recipes were developed but, only a few were palatable. The dandelion recipe was one that comes to mind as probably not so good. Through trial and error, they found the correct mixture of roots and spices. Making root beer became one of our family’s favorite activities. There was quite a demand for a particular mixture. This recipe includes birch and licorice roots.

This non-carbonated recipe to this day remains unchanged, and is only available in Bud’s Homemade Root beer.
This recipe was resurrected in 1976, while at a local Heritage festival, Bud wanted to participate in the historical re-enactment (Alton, Illinois “Heritage Days”). He remembered his grandmother making root beer at her home. So he questioned his mother about some of the things she learned from her mother. She remembered her Grandmother making root beer.
After researching the ingredients, and the process for authenticity, Bud gave it a try and it turned out to be quite good. The next year we demonstrated our root beer at that same heritage festival the next year.
Right there at “Heritage Days” in Alton, Illinois, Bud’s Homemade Root beer was born.

In 1976 all we offered was cups for twenty five cents. Since then our buisness has grown beyond anything we could have every imagined. Bud still sells rootbeer with his three sons and his grandchildren all across the united states. He enjoys keeping the tradition of old fashion rootbeer making alive with his family.